Your wedding is a magical, never-to-be-forgotten moment, an occasion to be shared … a day to be indelibly engraved in the memories of all those present …

In creating for you a tailor-made wedding reception, the SAMAR will employ all its talents to ensure that colours, materials and tastes are harmoniously combined and produce a unique atmosphere of elegance and magic.  Constantly attentive to your wishes and requests, offering a made-to-measure service and “savoir-faire”, all our human and logistical resources will be utilised to transport you peacefully to the magic of an unforgettable event …  In idyllic surroundings, from the refined elegance of the table settings to the choice of dishes and wines, our teams will be at your side to arrange this special day and make your dreams come true as you share this momentous occasion with those dear to you.

Imagine getting married in Angkor ; imagine exchanging your vows and expressing your love in the fairy-tale setting of a tropical garden …  Imagine yourselves, surrounded by your closest family and friends or simply just the two of you, sharing this magical, unforgettable moment encircled by greenery and lush flowering plants and, in the background, a Khmer bas-relief and the joyful, welcoming local population ….

Holding a bouquet of white roses, you step onto the platform in the garden of the Fou-Nan, beautifully and carefully decorated with tropical flowers, where your loved one awaits you, a white rose in his button-hole.  To the strains of your chosen music, you walk up to him, before saying a simple and memorable “I do”.  In order to formalise and immortalise your special day, you will receive a photo album and official certificates.

Allow us to make your dream come true by letting us take care of all the organisational aspects of your wedding ceremony at the Samar Villas, Cambodia.

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