Secret Retreats is an awakening to a new dimension, an immersion to Asia's "jiva". Representing small, hidden jewels filled with charm and character, the collection includes boutique hotels, villas, camps and boats all across Asia. Refuges for the soul, each place is unique but an invisible line seamlessly connects them to one another-taste, discretion, refinement, and a passion for their culture.

Their mission is to convey the beauty of life in its bare simplicity with no artifice, no additives - our properties encompass a marriage of a place and people. Artisans of life, each owner in his own individual and unique manner showcases his country's most precious gifts, its singular diversity.

From the onsens and ryokans in Japan to the jungle kutiyas in India, from the Korean hanok to the villas on the beaches of Bali and Lombok, discretion in these private domains mirrors exceptional beauty and tranquillity.

Secret Retreats' sole ambition is to unveil the Essence of Asia.
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