The “LITTLE LUXURIES” of the SAMAR Villa & Spa Resort

At the SAMAR Villas & Spa Resort, we care about your well-being and offer the following complimentary services:

• For the Gentleman : the Barber's Chair - The Old Art of Shaving
Every day, welcome to our Barber’s chair ! 
Discover or rediscover the pleasure of a classical shave, the styling of your moustache and/or the trimming of your beard. You can enjoy this little luxury either in the morning or in the late afternoon after returning from the temples.

To start with, hot water and a soap lathering of the face with a quality badger-hair shaving brush.  It is said that a well lathered beard is already half shaved! The first shave is done in the direction of hair growth, methodically and with a razor fitted with a new, disposable blade. Then a second lathering and second shave but this time in the opposite direction of hair growth. Subtle difference !

The blade of the razor is disposed of. A thorough rinse before applying the alum whose astringent properties are excellent for tightening the pores of the skin and preventing redness and pimples.

Then a face massage with a moisturizer followed by the well-known but always pleasing hot towel, which, through vasodilatation, promotes product penetration and skin relief. We avoid alcohol-based aftershaves that irritate the skin, preferring a quality shaving balm to replenish the skin after the shave.

Finally, the height of luxury: Talcum powder is gently applied to clean-shaven cheeks.  You feel like a whole new being, rested and relaxed! The ritual ends ... It has taken at least 20 minutes.  "We spend the time it takes”, with no thought of haste.

• For the Lady: a facial treatment
During your stay, on your return from visiting temples, a complimentary restorative facial with mask.

A shoe-cleaning service is also included in your stay. Traditional flip-flop sandals for your use are provided in boxes at the foot of the stairs leading up to your room.

To complete your experience of relaxation and well-being, see our list of massages.